Fight Gone Bad

Monday night I almost didn’t go to the gym. I spent all day feeling vaguely crummy and fatigued, and I thought maybe I was about to get a migraine. Went to the gym after all and did Fight Gone Bad for the third time. We paired up to count reps for each other, which made the transitions faster between exercises. I scored my highest, but I used a really light wallball and a lighter deadlift and push-press than last time. I was no less exhausted at the end, because the lighter weights allowed me to burn out on more reps. You can’t win the fight gone bad!
Each time I’ve done that workout I’ve used different weights for all three of the weighted exercises:
April 19:
Wallball 12 lb, score 61
Pushpress 55 lb, score unknown
HP DL 53-lb kettlebell, score 47
Rowing: (no weights) score 45 (if I remembered correctly)
Box-jumps: (no weights) score unknown
Total workout score: 254
June 19:
Wallball 20 lb, score 47
Pushpress 75 lb, score 26
DL 75 lb, score 52 (score is higher than on June 27 because we deadlifted without high-pulling)
Rowing: calorie score 23
Box-jumps: score 78
Total workout score: 226
June 27:
Wallball 6 lb, score 82
Pushpress 65 lb, score 43
HP DL 55 lb, score 48
Rowing: calorie score 31
Box-jumps: score 80
Total workout score: 284