Suffer on Saturday: “Helen”

Three rounds:
Run 400 yards around building
21 kettlebell swings, 16 kg for women, 24 kg for men
12 pull-ups
If you do it in under 10 minutes, you win a sub-10 T-shirt. Tom won his. He shaved 1:04 off of his previous “Helen” and finished this one in 9:44. Four or five other super-fit men got sub-10 also, and they all got their picture taken in their T-shirts. They looked like they should be on a hunks calendar.
I hadn’t done “Helen” before. I had wishful hopes of doing sub-10, but I made it in 10:54—not bad! I’d like to work on improving my running-when-tired speed. My first run is usually decent, but it changes completely after I do something like KB swings, squats, or other runs. Maybe I can slice 55 seconds off by the next time Helen comes around.
Lots of fun today, with so many people working so fast and strongly and cheering for each other. Tom was completing his final pull-ups right in front of me for his sub-10 as I was doing my final KB swings. Dave was next to Tom counting pull-ups and watching the stopwatch. I was trying to count my KB swings while watching Tom, and somebody saw me grinning and hollered, “Fran, focus!” Good advice!