Last night three of us worked out together and finished almost simultaneously, which made for a really competitive and intense finish. The workout was three rounds of: 15 thrusters (65 pounds for me), 21 wall-ball sit-ups, and row 500 meters. I was able to keep up with the two guys probably because they lifted heavier weight for the thrusters than I did, and if they got a bit ahead of me I caught up with them on the sit-ups.
I was happy because I did the first two rounds of 15 thrusters without breaking the set. On the third round I took one break during the thrusters.
At the end we were all on the rowers and Scott was standing over us calling out who was ahead and telling the others to catch up. I find a third round of rowing 500 to be pretty miserable and I know I wouldn’t have worked nearly as hard at it if Scott wasn’t urging us on to compete with each other. When it comes to discomfort, I lose my faint competitive streak pretty readily. So two of us finished at the same instant and the third guy was only a couple of seconds behind us. I stood up and tried to calmly walk away from the rower to the water cooler, but I quickly decided to lie down flat on my back for a few minutes first! My time for the workout was 14:29.