Fun Friday

We had a fun workout last night. I probably thought it was fun because it wasn’t a total death-struggle for me. First we did a bunch of sets of front squats. My eventual heaviest lift was 152 pounds for two reps. I did two reps of it as a back squat first, rested, and then did two as a front squat. My max front squat a few months ago was 158 pounds. Last night I felt like I could have done one rep at a higher weight than what I did, but we had another phase to the workout, so hitting the max wasn’t the point.
We went out onto the astroturf in the hangar and did this:
Squat-thrust and long-jump about 40 feet out
20 V-ups
Squat-thrust and long-jump about 40 feet back
10 one-arm thrusters (5 each arm) with a 16-kg kettlebell
Repeat for three rounds.
I like long-jumping, and the front squats had not completely tired out my legs for some reason, so I got through these three rounds pretty fast and enjoyed it.
The week before last I got to the point where my hip-flexors, quads, and hamstrings were all really sore at the same time. I was so sore that every time I stood up from sitting, I couldn’t walk normally. Then we went away for the few days and I missed about a week at the gym and felt a lot better. I went back last week and promptly got just as sore as I’d been. I was so tired of being that sore that I started to wonder what exactly is the point of all this working out. Couldn’t I just ride my bike, watch what I eat, and stay fit enough?
But when we did those heavy and slow exercises on Thursday, the Sotts presses and pull-ups, it really did decrease my soreness as Dave said it would. I wonder why it works that way? Since then I’ve gotten my enthusiasm back.