Two Long Rounds

This one was perfect for a Monday after two rest days in a row. I just hope my hip flexors don’t end up painfully sore like they did during the previous two weeks on and off.
Tonights workout was two rounds of the following exercises. We did them for a minute each and then wrote down how many reps we did. So I have two scores for each exercise:
Bent-over row, 65 pounds: 15, 12
Dips (unassisted): 15, 11
Hyperextension sit-ups: 23, 19
“Corner twist” : 17, 12
Back hyperextensions: 25, 20
Dumbbell military press (15 lbs): 15, 11
Hanging leg raises: 16, 20 (second round had higher reps ‘cause I lifted my bent knees instead of straight legs up to the bar)
Push-ups: 22, 20
The “corner twist” consisted of a barbell with its low, empty end braced against the corner of the room on the floor and its high end holding a 10-pound disk. You had to grasp the weighted end about waist high and twist your body, arms straight, hoisting the weight over to the other side of your body while the floor corner braced the empty end. Going both ways was one count. For some reason (i.e., I’m a dummy) I could not master the proper grasp for this exercise so on the second round, when Dave wasn’t right there to show me the grip AGAIN, I just fumbled it back and forth.
For the dumbbell military press, we were to alternate arms and count both arms as one.
I had caught a ride from the office to the gym with my friend from work, and she dropped me off on her way home and I walked about a mile the rest of the way. It was a gorgeous, sunny evening, but I quickly realized how tired my legs were. I’ve walked that route a million times and this time my feet were dragging.
I’ve spent the rest of the evening turning over my compost pile and bucket-watering some plants, so I’m really beat now!

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