Secret Weapon Against Bears

Tonight’s workout was two rounds of:
Sprint to the stop sign and back
20 kettlebell swings, 24 kg
Bear-crawl (locomotion on hands and feet) to the end of the Astroturf, about 30 yards
Burpees with long-jumps back to starting point
20 4-count knee-to-chest jackknife crunches
I finished in 16:27, miraculously ahead of a guy who passed me on the burpees/long jumps in both rounds but then took longer than I did on the crunches.
Afterwards, one of our coaches, Scott, showed me how he does the bear-crawl really fast. He bends at the hip to put his hands on the floor, spreads his feet wide apart with his knees hardly bent at all, and then just takes off running. His far-apart feet kick up and outside, his rear is way up in the air, and he’s practically bouncing off of his hands one after the other. He looks like he’s four years old doing that. It looked hilarious until I noticed how fast he was going, when I immediately started trying to copy him. I increased my speed a lot. Next time the bear crawl is part of a workout, I’m going to have a secret weapon.