Last night’s workout may have been timed, but I was slow and I never found out my time.
Three rounds:
5 kettlebell snatch, 5 clean and split jerk, 5 thrusters (one arm)
Same thing, other arm
10 L-pull-ups (which I can’t do, so I did the pull-ups by kipping up and letting myself down slower)
Afterward, Tom and I did some wall-ball to see if we could meet the goal of 25 wall-ball (20-pound ball) in one minute. Tom finished 25 in 50 seconds and I finished in 55. We recovered for a few minutes and then tried to make 37 shots in 90 seconds. We didn’t quite make that one. Tom made 37 shots in 97 seconds and I took 101 seconds. My form with the 20-pound wall ball degenerates fast. I start out badly and fumbling it until I get a rhythm going, then I quickly tire and start fumbling again. The 12-pound ball is a lot easier.