Pull-ups and Thrusters and Squats

Tonight we had a workout that I found really fun. Twelve sets of five thrusters (65 pounds) and five pull-ups. Recently we’ve done a lot of dead-hang pull-ups (no kipping) and I’ve gotten stronger. I was so happy to find tonight that it felt like I could have done many more sets of five pull-ups than we did. My kip has gotten less wild and whip-like because of some increase in strength, so I’m more efficient.
The thrusters are harder. Dave wants me to string them together in a faster rhythm, which makes me nervous, but I tried to do it. In the final three sets, when I jumped/flung the weight up and tried to lock out my arms, my upper side muscles hurt. Not in a scary way, but as if they were really being challenged. I’ll probably be pretty sore.
I rested a bit and worked on handstands for a while. Someone showed me and Tom last Friday how he’s learned to use handstands to work up flexibility for a bridge or backbend. He does a handstand some distance from the wall and lets his legs fly way back to the wall, then walks them down, bending his back and practicing his balance and strength at the same time. I didn’t get to try this on Friday so I was excited to try it today. I couldn’t seem to find the right distance from the wall to effectively practice the backbend flexibility, but I discovered how hard it was to take my feet off the wall and get my body straight. When I do a handstand an inch from the wall, it’s easy. This is an intriguing new handstand drill and I’m going to keep practicing it a lot to see what I get from it.
When I had just about decided to leave, Rodger asked me if I wanted to do some squats. He and three other guys were sharing a barbell and taking turns doing back squats. Sure, why not? And I was so surprised–I worked up to a new max of 85 kg. This is 12 pounds heavier than my months-ago max squat of 175 pounds. Yay!