Deluxe Schoolyard

Tom received his pair of gymnastics rings yesterday. We took them up to this well-equipped schoolyard to hang them over the pull-up bars and do ring push-ups, dips, pull-ups, inverted hangs, and whatever else we could think of.

The schoolyard has fantastic outdoor training equipment. It’s great that this private school lets the public use their field when school is not in session. Tom “walked” the whole length of these long, uphill-downhill parallel bars!

I managed a shorter length on one of the less steep parts, but I had the most fun on the monkey bars.

The field even has a running long-jump track and pit! I tried that too, running as fast as I could to the take-off board and leaping as far as I could. It was really fun but it would be even more fun to learn how to extend the leap by working the legs and folding the body in the air.
Finally, before we left I wanted to run around their track to see how nice the surface would be. I think it might be made of recycled rubber—it has a nice spring to it without being too soft. I’m not an accomplished runner at all. Dave at the gym has been giving us some running tips that I try to remember to use: lean forward slightly; don’t reach with your leading heel, but try to land on the whole foot and use the ball of the foot to spring up again as soon as the foot lands; keep the upper body loose; breathe with the diaphragm.
The school track looked huge to me, much bigger than the 440 yards around our gym hangar feels and much bigger than the track at our local high school looks. I guess I’m used to those. But it is a standard-size track. I was happy to be able to run it in 1:24. I thought my runs were almost always around two minutes, but I never know for sure because they are always part of a longer timed workout.