Too Many Rope Climbs

Tonight’s workout–I almost didn’t survive it!
Five rounds for time:
15 clean and jerk, 65 pounds
Rope climb (or 10 rope pull-ups)
40-meter sprint
This took me 26:09. In the first two rounds, I climbed the rope about three-quarters of the way up. My grip–the insides of my forearms–was so tired and aching from the combination of the rope climb and the clean and jerks.
Afterward, I did a short “farmer walk” (carry a kettlebell in each hand) of about 240 meters. I carried a pair of 24-kg kettlebells and found myself counting breaths. I could carry the weights as long as it took to inhale-exhale 14 breaths, which seemed to be about 20 meters. (These measurements are based on Scott’s 40-yard sprint measure, however accurate those were.) My forearms then were in even worse shape.