Personal Best(s)

Tonight was unusual. Everything I did was a personal best, not that that’s saying very much in most cases. The recent multiple rope climbs were freaking me out because I was so slow and got such rope-burns on my legs. (We had five rope climbs each on both Tuesday and yesterday.) I go slow to spare my legs from the rope-burn, and then I can’t do it more than once or twice at best. Today I wore my long and thick bike tights and determined to do a rope climb or two whether or not they were part of the workout. They weren’t.
The workout was:
Row 2000 meters (my time was 8:27–not very fast, but my fastest)
Eight sets of 3 deadlifts, heavier each time
Eight sets of 3 push-presses, heavier each time
I added a rope climb after the row and after the deadlifts. The long pants made all the difference. I could concentrate on going up and then let the rope slide through my legs on the way down, which was a lot faster.
On the deadlifts, I made it to a new max weight of 100 kg (220 pounds). That was really fun. The idea was to add weight after each set of three lifts, so it took a long time to build up to the max, and I may have ended up doing more than eight sets. I just loved getting a higher max than before. I secretly wanted to see if they had a camera because I’d love to have a picture of myself, when I’m really old, of me lifting that bar with all those thick-looking plates on it. Maybe some other time I’ll get one.
Then came the push-presses. They are challenging because you jump the weight overhead and lock the arms, then let the weight back down onto the top of the back. It’s scary once I add any weight at all to the bar, let alone trying to increase it for eight sets. Scott was the coach for the evening and he helped me a lot with how to do slightly heavier push-presses than I’m used to–just like on any other lift, draw a breath and press down hard, making the whole body as structurally solid as possible. It’s hard to remember to do that on the overhead lifts that involve a little jump of the legs. So my max on that one was 42.5 kg, or 93.5 pounds. That’s not very heavy by the standards of a lot of the guys, but it seems pretty heavy to me.
After that I did two more rope climbs, just to prove to myself that it isn’t that hard when I have long pants on. I want to be prepared for there to be multiple rope climbs in the CrossFit championship on October 1, and I don’t want to freak out if there are. Now I know I can do them even when I’m tired from other things.