Friday Night-Saturday Morning Medley

Last night we did each exercise for two minutes, wrote down our number of reps, then went through it a second time. These are the exercises and my reps for both rounds:
Pull-ups (35, 30 with no assists)
Row for calories (33, 25)
Push-ups (35, 35)
Wall-ball (42, 46) (second round was higher because Dave was watching)
After that workout, we each rowed for another minute for calories, and I burned 20.
This morning we did 20 minutes of repeated reps of a kettlebell complex: clean, squat, push-press, overhead squat. We used a single kettlebell so you had to switch hands. I used a 12-kg instead of a 16 because I feel like I’ve lifted enough heavy weight this week. Plus, the one-handed overhead squat is unbelievably hard–meaning, I can’t do it. Tom and I can’t figure out why a one-handed weight would make the OH squat so much harder than it is with two hands on a rigid barbell.
Then a few of us did a few sets of ring pull-ups, and one of our friends did his first muscle-up–then proceeded to do two more with only short rests in between. Fabulous!