CrossFit Championship

Last Saturday was the annual CrossFit Championship at CrossFit North. Last year, Tom and I were there as spectators because I had just joined the gym. So this year marked my anniversary. We weren’t able to go last Saturday, though, so Dave put us and several other people through it on Monday night:
A balance drill involving hopping 40 feet along a rope
Two consecutive rope climbs
30 dips (or 50 jump-to-support, negative dips)
Row 1000 meters
30 sumo high-pull deadlifts (with two 12-kg kettlebells)
30 push-presses (55 pounds)
50 wall-ball
Spear throw (hit the bale with the pointy stick, or else do 3 burpees and try again)
The clock stopped after a successful spear throw, or after an unsuccessful third try. Then you rested five minutes and did five deadlifts, going for your max. If you lifted over your bodyweight, a formula was applied to lower your total time, and everyone ended up with a calculated score (lower was better).
This workout hurt. Going from rowing to high-pulls was deadly, as were push-presses followed by wall-ball. My results were about 17:40 after making the spear throw on the first try. I deadlifted 100 kg, which is about 165 percent of my weight. My score was 11.01. This made me the second fastest female after Heather (Saturday’s results are here), who is both bigger and younger than I am. There was an excellent variety of ages in the participants and in the top scorers. Check out this great pic of the winner!