Belly Grinders

I was so worn out from Thursday’s workout (with the pull-up burpees) and Wednesday’s 50 slam-balls that I couldn’t fall asleep Thursday night. My whole upper body felt like it was humming. On Friday I pooped out on the warm-up, which was pistols (one-leg squats). My left hip/rear in particular had an unfamiliar deep ache when I tried to squat on that side.
Instead of doing pistols, I went to the pull-up bar to try to spot myself on the belly-grinder, as my friend suggested. Here’s a pic of the belly-grinder. The idea is to lift your feet, legs, and then hips higher than the bar, pull upward, continue to tip your lower half above and over the bar until they come down the other side, and finally straighten up over the bar with hands on the bar at hip level.
I haven’t yet mastered shifting the weight of my lower body over the bar to get myself on top of it. So my friend suggested I grab the bar, run my feet up the wall, and kick my legs over the bar while pulling up. (My head would then be toward the wall once I flipped on top, the opposite position of the guy in the photo.) Running up the wall would give me enough momentum to throw my hips over. After two false starts, that worked just great, and looked like a Jackie Chan move. So that was fun.
Anyway, I was tired enough that I used only an 8-kg kettlebell for Friday’s one-armed lifts. The workout was:
30 straight-leg kettlebell deadlift followed by one-arm snatch, right arm
30 of the same, left arm
50 sit-ups
30 pull-ups
30 push-ups
Twice through.
This took me about 32 minutes. In spite of using the light kettlebell, I was happy with this workout. I breathed well on the sit-ups and so didn’t have too much trouble with them. On the pull-ups, I broke up both rounds of 30 but not too much, for me anyway. I think I did 10, 10, 5, 5 on the first round and 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 on the second. The push-ups hurt as always but I didn’t break up those too much either, doing 15 at first in each round and following with groups of 5, except on the final 5 reps of round 2 in which I broke those final 5 reps down to 2 and 3.