100 Push-ups

Last night’s workout was five rounds of 5 sumo deadlifts, followed by one round of row 1000 and do 100 push-ups. Dave said he’d noticed last week that we all suck at push-ups. Ouch! I did my push-ups last night in a couple of sets of 10 followed by alternating 6 and 4 reps.
My rowing time for 1000 meters was 3:59, my best 1000 meter time. I picked up my pace at the end when I saw it was possible I’d get under 4:00. I was happy with this, considering my legs were somewhat “used” from the deadlifting. For the deadlifts I started at 50 kilos and progressed to 80, which was sort of close to a 5-rep max, but I probably could have gone a few kilos heavier.
I was just getting over being sore from last Friday’s “Chelsea” workout–30 minutes straight of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats. You start over on the minute, each minute. I quickly become unable to finish all 10 push-ups and still have 10 to 15 seconds of rest before the next minute begins. So by the end of the 30 minutes, I was doing 5 pull-ups, 6 push-ups on knees, and 12 squats. I tore up my hands with all those pull-ups, and my chest was so sore the next two days that I could hardly reach behind me to get in and out of a jacket. So, I wasn’t excited about yesterday’s 100 push-ups. Surprisingly today I feel nice and “worked out,” but not over-tired or sore.


Thursday we revisited “Christine” again:
Row 500 meters
21 box-jumps, 24 inches high
12 bodyweight deadlifts
Three times through.
My time was 12:29. I thought I’d get closer to 10 minutes this time, but I’m a terrible rower, and I haven’t mastered the way to do deadlifts the most efficiently–you sort of drop the weight, but you follow it down with your hands and pick it up again immediately. I drop it and let it bounce a little too much. My time improved a bit from last time, though, when it took me 12:57.

21, 18, 15, etc.

Tonight’s workout:
Kettlebell swings
21 of each, 18 of each, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of each
Total time: 21:59
It was not as painfully grueling as it looked before we started, thank goodness.
While goofing off before the workout I managed to do a couple of belly-grinders from a hanging position (pull up and fling the legs and hips back over the bar, straighten up so the head is above the bar and the bar is at hip level) instead of running my feet up the wall. That was one of my recent goals. Now I have to practice so that I can do them reliably.

This Year’s Goals

Last Monday I was at the gym when Nick was there, one of the coaches I don’t see as often because he works with the morning classes. We were talking about plyometric exercises and other jumping drills, and I said I wanted to be able to spring up onto the pommelhorse with both feet as I’d seen someone else (much younger) do. A month or two ago I had practiced by jumping onto higher and higher stacks of mats until I reached hip level. It seemed I should be able to jump onto the pommelhorse because it’s only an inch or two higher than that, but because of its curved top and its narrowness, I couldn’t make myself try it.
Nick said I could and should do it, and I couldn’t really refuse, so at his suggestion I got three mats and stacked them on the floor, then jumped from there. I removed them one by one until I jumped onto it from the floor. It was fun! I didn’t land fully enough on top of it to stay on, though, so all I was doing was springing up and right back down. I need to pull it out from the wall a little and land a little more forward, and I’ll be able to stay up there soon. I was pretty proud of getting up there at all because it had seemed so stunning when I saw somebody else do it.
Another goal for this year was a five-second unsupported handstand. Lately I’ve been able to do that if I first use the wall, then pull my feet away. I can often tighten up enough to hold a nice straight handstand for five seconds–not always, but often. It’s going to take a while longer to be able to snap into one without first overshooting to the wall.
I still half hope to do an unassisted muscle-up on the rings this year. Not too many women can do those that I know of. I have the strength for pull-ups and for at least a few ring dips. I can’t seem to make the transition from the pull-up to the pushing up from the bottom of the dip position. But this goal hasn’t been a high priority. There are several guys at the gym who have elbow problems that seem to be affected by doing or attempting muscle-ups, and I don’t want to try so often that I strain my elbows. When I do try, even though I don’t make it, it really makes my elbows ache for a few minutes.
And my other goal for 2005 was to be able to climb the rope by March, which I did.
Some next goals are: sub-10 on “Helen”; a 30-second L-sit on the parallel bars and other core/abdominal strength gains; and with that core strength, to be able to do the belly-grinder and the glide kip (the gymnastics move where you mount the bar after swinging out under it).

Sub 10

Today’s Suffer on Saturday workout was “Jackie.”
Row 1000 meters
50 thrusters (45-pound barbell for women, 65 pounds for men)
30 pull-ups
It’s one of the benchmark workouts, though this one only for women, in which you win a Sub 10 T-shirt if you finish in under 10 minutes. There are two or three other T-shirt-qualifying workouts–“Christine” and “Helen” are two of them–and I’m not sure why only women get a T-shirt for this one. I finished in 9:42 and was happy to wear my T-shirt afterwards.