Fight Gone Dippy

Last night we had a variation on Fight Gone Bad, where you do a minute each of several drills and move immediately to the next. After completing everything listed, you get a minute of rest, then do one or more additional rounds of the same thing. A partner counts reps and writes them down. The total of all reps is your score.
Last night I was partnered with my friend Erika. We make well-matched competitors and we both really enjoy this stuff, so it’s fun to work out together.
I’d had a strong Americano coffee in the afternoon and I was bouncing off the walls, so I went first and really pushed myself. Erika claimed to be sleepy but proceeded to get the same score as I did, with fewer reps of some drills and more of others. She’s amazing.

During the second round of dips, I briefly wondered if I was going to throw up. The preceding drills of plank rows and clean-and-jerk (more like a clean-and-thruster really) were painful and the dips were excruciating.
A dumbbell plank row was to put your legs in a sit-up apparatus, face down, and hold your upper body straight, cantilevered out in the air, and row the dumbbells up and down. This turned out to be a lot more exhausting than it looked.
After the workout was the gym Christmas party. We had a great time and feel so lucky to have made so many good friends there.