Today was our third Hooverball tournament. I sprained my left pinkie, which is now painful and black-and-blue, and I can’t play the guitar much. Which stinks because my first guitar lesson is tomorrow night. Still, Hoooooverball is tons of fun–like volleyball, but played two-on-two by throwing and catching a six-pound medicine ball.
Tom and I lost our first match, won our second, and then I played one-on-one with another woman, Allison, who is in her 20s and a strong athlete. It was fun going just the two of us with other people watching, since I’ve never played a sport that anyone watched at all. I felt like it was my tiny moment in the limelight (with all of five people watching). And–I won! If there were a trophy for Hooverball it would be of someone getting smacked in the chest and their feet flying up in front of them. Six pounds doesn’t seem heavy at all until it’s flying through the air or down from way over the net.