Three Workouts and an Injury

Last night we did a modified “Helen” workout.
Run 400m
21 kettlebell swings, 16 kg
12 pull-ups
Row 500m
21 dips
12 pull-ups
30 thrusters, 20 kg
30 push-ups
12 pull-ups
Time: 13:15
I think the fastest person finished in just over 9 minutes.
Friday night I did a different workout than other people because of my sprained little finger–I didn’t want to do any pulling. Instead I did 5 sets of 10 jerks (65 pounds) and 10 dips. Afterward, just for fun I practiced my high box-jumps. I stacked up about 30 inches of mats and jumped onto them from farther and farther away. Eventually I was taking a few steps of a running start, though I was jumping two-footed. The farthest away I managed to jump up there from was about 5 feet 7 inches. That’s 4 inches more than my height. I need to stack more mats next time and see how high I can jump.
Saturday morning I went down the hill to the lake and ran up twice. I keep forgetting to go back with the car or the scooter and measure the distance I ran. It was from the stop sign at the bottom to the start of the laurel-shrub wall on the parking strip near the top. My times were 4:35 and 5:08. I’d just had breakfast and the uphill runs did not feel good!
My sprained finger didn’t bother me last night in the modified Helen in spite of the pull-ups and rowing. The thing that seems to aggravate it is playing the guitar. I’ve been doing three-fingered scale/rhythm exercises to spare the pinky, but then I start trying to use it, and it really starts to hurt. It has been 10 days since I injured it and it’s bumming me out. I just started guitar lessons and it’s hard to accept this setback. I’m conflicted between being bummed at knowing I have to stay off of that finger, worried that it will never stop hurting, and refusing to stay off of it out of impatience.