“Angie” Plus

Last night’s workout was “Angie”: 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, for time. With my injured finger, I was assigned to substitute running a mile for the 100 pull-ups. I can grip well enough, but it’s when I let go and unfurl my fingers that my pinky hurts.
There had been a sudden downpour, and as I left for my run through the park, the sun was shining straight across from the west, under clouds, and there was a big rainbow over the lake. As I ran past an open area, I could see across the green grass of the park to the gray lake and clouds. The rainbow, double at the bottom, looked so vivid against the gray and green. Rainwater gushed down all the curb gutters next to me as I ran. It was so beautiful that I almost enjoyed the run, which I finished in 7:25. This was a little slower than my mile times last year, of 6:40 and 7:20 back to back. I probably hadn’t run a mile since then.
I think by the time I was done with the rest of the workout, my overall time was around 32:15. The push-ups took me forever. After about 30, I can only do them in threes or twos.