Front Limber Bridge

How it’s supposed to look:

How it looks when I do it:

I have a long way to go. Even if I never get there, it feels great to try. What I’m doing is trying to learn a front limber. Looking again at this animation of a gymnast doing one, I noticed how her legs go over backward while staying straight. I know that when I’m going over backward, I’m bending my knees to reach toward the ground. And of course, I can’t stand up out of my “bridge.” I’m proud of being able to do this at all, though. Bending that way, along with doing cartwheels and handstands, makes me feel an amazing sense of wellbeing.
Speaking of cartwheels, last night I was able to do a one-handed cartwheel on my bad side (right hand) on about half of my attempts. I can do them easily on the good side now.

3 thoughts on “Front Limber Bridge”

  1. not bad at all! your bridge will start looking a lot better once you focus on straightening your arms and pushing your shoulders over your hands (away from your feet).
    standing up out of a bridge is pretty hard to get the hang of at first. try rocking your weight back and forth from your hands to your feet to get a feel for the difference. you want your weight all on your feet to stand up, and you need to push your hips WAY forward. i find it helps a lot of have a little momentum (rock toward your hands, then rock toward your feet and push off at the same time). it also helps to have a spot!
    when i go from a handstand into a bridge it’s still really clumsy.

  2. one more thing — the wider your feet are, the easier it is to stand up. which is probably intuitive but i just wanted to point it out since yours are so close together in the photo.

  3. I hope I can develop the shoulder and back flexibility to straighten my arms and get my shoulders over my hands.

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