Maximum Effort Day

Today was “Maximum Effort Day,” and we all worked up to a max deadlift and did a max set of dips. I lifted 110 kilos and did 14 reasonably deep dips. We’ll do it again in about three months to see how much we’ve improved.
I liked seeing this one guy doing dips because he does them faster than anyone else, goes lower so that his shoulders are next to his hands, and pitches his head and shoulders forward as he hits the bottom. If I can learn to do dips that way I’ll be able to do a muscle-up. That was the best example of dips I’ve seen.
On the deadlifts we had some conflicting advice from two or three people on how best to lift a new max. I followed one set of advice and tried to lift 120 after lifting 110, when my own plan had been to try 115. I think I should have stuck to my plan. Plus they instructed us on a new way of starting the lift, with shins more vertical and hips higher, and I might have been better off sticking to the form I’d been using when coached by Dave. Still, I was happy to get a new max. It’s not twice my bodyweight, but that may be within reach in the coming months. I lifted 242 pounds and twice my weight would be 262.
Updated to say I know my lift does not measure up to the feats of Madeleine Albright and the 400-pound leg press! Gotta find one of those machines and see what I can do.