Will Do Push-ups for Money

There’s a beefy, shirtless young man out on Seventh and Pike right now holding a sign saying he’ll do push-ups for money: 20 for one dollar. My immediate reactions: (1) What a great idea! (2) I must challenge him! (3) I would be a total idiot to challenge him!
Too bad I only had a ten that I didn’t want to give away. Of course I had to say something anyway. I said, “I’m tempted to challenge you to a contest since I’m pretty good at push-ups, but I think I’d lose!” He said, “Oh really? How about giving me a dollar and I’ll do 20?” (Way to stay on message, huh?)
I told him if I got change while I was out walking I’d stop back by. But I had already had lunch, so although I walked around for a while, I didn’t buy anything. Also it occurred to me that I would feel weird standing around watching someone do push-ups, and I’d end up doing them too, down on the ground in my flowered skirt making a spectacle. Then I felt like I had to avoid him on the way back. Either the free market is not ready for paid push-ups because of the strange nature of the transaction, or else I wasn’t part of the target demographic for that marketing campaign. Anyway, I think he should charge twice as much.