Six Times Two

Last night we did a circuit-style workout with six drills. The drills other than the rowing were timed by the person on the rower. I like these workouts. We went through the whole circuit once and then Dave decided to do another round. It was hard to do it all again, but most of the rowing times were slower so in some drills it was possible to do more the second time in spite of being tired.
Bent-over dumbbell row, 20 lbs.both times: not sure how many reps–approx. 40 and 35
Push-press, 25 lbs, and 20 lbs.: approx. 33 and 45 (used a lighter weight the second round)
Row 500: times were 1:55 and 2:03
Push-ups: 33 and 35 reps
Box-jumps, 20 inches: 42 and 26 reps
Deadlifts, 60 kg: 15 and 18 reps
Afterwards, I went outside and ran three sprints of an unmeasured distance–from the corner to the green dumpster. They were slow because of the workout, and my left thigh felt like it was being pulled, so I didn’t do any more. I think I need sprint practice to improve the rest of my running. Most of our runs are 400 meters and when they’re part of a workout containing other drills, I get so tired that my runs turn into staggering jogs.
After the sprints I practiced some handstands and the backbend (bridge) position. I seem to be getting stronger at pushing up into a high position, but I need to take another picture to see if my shoulders are looking any more open and flexible.
I was sleeping so soundly this morning when the clock-radio came on that it took me two minutes to hear it.