Deadlifts and Sprints

Last night we did three sets of three deadlifts that were supposed to be heavy, but not going for a max. I lifted 70, 80, and 90 kilos. Then we went outside and ran about ten 25-meter sprints. We ran not hard toward the first cone, then accelerated 25 yards to the second cone and decelerated, then walked back. We were not supposed to go all out as fast as possible, but pretty fast. It’s hard to gauge something like 80 percent of max when it’s your running speed. Afterward I practiced cartwheels and handstands for a little while.
I love deadlifts and sprints because I feel halfway competent at them, unlike more technical lifts and longer runs. But around 9:00 last night a dead tiredness descended on my and I felt like I’d die if I didn’t go… to… bed… right… now… so I was asleep before 10:00. Aaahh.