Retroactive post

Approximate 800-meter run (twice around the building) when tired from a workout: 4:18. Desired benchmark time for various reasons: 4:20. Whew. I wonder what my time was for exactly 800 meters; twice around the building is probably more like 808 meters.
Vertical jump: 17.125 inches. Desired benchmark: 7 inches (I think). No problem. This was measured against a wall: first how high you can reach (marked with chalk on the fingertips), then how high you can touch the wall when you jump.
400-meter run after three slow ones: 1:30. Desired benchmarks for same various reasons: 2:04. No problem. But can I get that down to 1:09? Not without a lot more concerted effort than I’ve been making.
The “various reasons” for the benchmark times are that these drills are part of a long list of benchmarks Dave has developed in order to gauge people’s fitness in detail. I’m almost done with meeting all the Level 1 benchmarks. I just have to run a mile in under 9 minutes and I’ll get a Level 1 T-shirt.
The hardest thing on the Level 1 list is the 10-second L-sit with straight legs. Nancy and I tried this one day when we were not tired and we succeeded.

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  1. ooh, exciting! i have no idea what my vertical jump is. i would like to check. the L-sit i have under control — i think the mile run or the 800-meter run would be the hardest parts for me. i just don’t challenge my cardiovascular system, ever!

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