CrossFit Kettlebell Workout

Last night we did a kettlebell workout that I loved. (I love kettlebells!) These rounds were alternated with a partner so you had a short rest between rounds.
5 rounds, 10 each arm kettlebell snatch (16 kilos for me, 24 kilos for my young male teammate)
5 rounds, 5 each arm kettlebell clean and jerk (same weights as above)
5 rounds, 15 kettlebell swings (32 kilos for my partner, 32 for me on rounds 2, 3, and 5; 24 kilos rounds 1 and 4)
It felt like a classic CrossFit workout because when we started, the number of rounds seemed impossible. Five rounds of any one of those things would have been a workout. You just have to resist the urge to “do the math” or calculate how many of each drill you’re about to do.
My partner, Jackson, is a very nice young guy who has become a real powerhouse over the past year of eating the Zone diet and doing CrossFit. Everybody likes him. When we got to our five rounds of kettlebell swings, and I swung the 24 (the same as he used for his first round), he went into the storage room and trotted out a 32 for his next round. “This 24 is too light for us,” he said. I was flattered to be included, but really the 32 is very hard for me to swing. I can’t pop my hips forward fast enough to really sling it up there, so I use my back enough to tire it out. That’s why I went back to the 24 for round four. This was a fun workout and everybody seemed worn out by it. Which is a good thing.