Last night we did a bunch of dumbbell/kettlebell overhead presses in order to get some traditional strength work in. I started with 12 kilos, pressed it on the left with no problem, and was stunned to find I couldn’t press it at all on the right. The weight sat at shoulder level as stubbornly as if I’d never pressed anything in my life. Sheesh! And I’m right handed. I switched to 8 kilos to warm up that side and did a lot of unweighted shoulder circles, then pressed the 8 kilos some more. Eventually I was able to press 12 kilos, and then 30 pounds, on both left and right. The fact that my right side is weaker when pressing tells me I really need to do more pressing.
Then for our main workout we did “Helen,” one of a few workouts where you win a Sub-10 t-shirt if you take less than ten minutes to finish.
Run 400 meters
21 kettlebell swings (16 kilos, for women)
12 pull-ups
…for three rounds. I finished in 11:10 and was happy with that. My first two runs were stronger than on previous Helens, although my last run was slow and painful. It’s been impossible for me not to focus on the cramp and on the desire to stop running on that third round. I suppose my slowness on the final run might be a large part of why I haven’t come close to ten minutes. To be sure I would need to be timed on each round.