Team Survivor Fitness Class, Part 2

Last night was the second of the eight weekly Team Survivor classes at CrossFit North. Watching Dave with this mix of CrossFit beginners makes it more obvious than ever what a good coach he is. I hope I can absorb this and become a good trainer myself in the next few years. Some of the characteristics that I’ve noticed in Dave’s excellent coaching are:
Efficient communication of how to do an exercise properly and safely
Expertise: tell them what they need to know without going on and on
Listen to and consider questions and observations
Address statements such as “I can’t do that exercise” in a way that gets to the bottom of the problem without arguing
Respect for other people that lets him be expert without being dismissive
Good time management, accomplishing everything he said he would do within the class time
In two one-hour classes he’s covered the unweighted and lightly weighted (with a kettlebell) squat; sit-ups; kettlebell swings; pushups; hamstrings stretches; and lunge stretches. Last night I had a few opportunities to help individuals understand flexing the lats to stabilize the shoulders for push-ups, and how to help yourself fold at the hips for a hamstring stretch instead of bending at the waist and rounding the back. Other things I was able to do that I hope were helpful were to demo kettlebell swings and a good and bad lunge stretch, and to run the stopwatch during a circuit workout.