Team Survivor Fitness Class, part 8

Last Tuesday was the final class of this session of the women’s fitness class. Dave showed them three new exercises: knee-to-chest sit-ups, high-pulls, and thrusters. Then they had a circuit workout using those. I wondered if next time, high-pulls and thrusters might be taught in an earlier class next session. They seem a little more technical and it might have been nice to have a chance to revisit them. Also I’d make the comparison and distinction between push-presses and thrusters, which are different only in how deep you go before jumping the weight up and locking it overhead. In push-presses you just dip enough to involve the legs, but in thrusters you go down into a squat.
This means in general you could do heavier thrusters than push-presses–if you can control the weight overhead, anyway. I’m guessing that for very strong people that’s true. For me or for the Team Survivor women, I’m not sure the thruster could be too much heavier than the push-press, because it would be limited by upper-body strength. If there’s a lot of upper-body strength, the deeper dip in the thrusters should allow a lot more weight to be thrusted overhead than in the push-press.
So, the exercises the women learned during these eight weeks are:
Squat, sit-up, deadlift, kettlebell swing, push-up, hamstrings stretches, lunge stretches, press, push-press, wall-ball, assisted pull-ups and pre-kip swing with feet on bench; “goblet squats,” hollow-rock style leg lifts, rowing on the C2; high-pulls, knee to chest, and thrusters. For the class workouts, Dave used circuits and modified Tabata intervals (30 seconds on, 15 seconds off if I remember right).
We gave them a handout. It contained tips for some of the exercises, some workouts recommended by Dave that they can try on their own, an article about a study saying intense exercise is more effective than “moderate” exercise like walking; and Dave’s list of Fitness Level 1 benchmarks. The four levels of benchmarks he came up with are great for helping people choose goals when they’re new to fitness. I want to follow up with an email to the women to get their feedback on the class and the handout, and whether they’re doing the workouts on their own or have questions about them.
I wish I’d written down every class in detail–I have almost no notes on classes 2 and 7. It would be helpful in planning the next session, which Dave said he wants to do in advance.