Squats and Presses

Last night we did a workout of light front squats and push-presses. They needed to be light, because the workout was:
Every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes:
10 front squats and 5 push-presses.
I used 20-pound dumbbells and they did start to feel pretty heavy. My squats slowed down and the push-presses started to tire out my shoulders, especially the right one. A small muscle in the top front of the right shoulder is a conspicuous weak spot. Several weeks ago I failed to finish a workout that involved kettlebell snatches (after doing five clapping push-ups–nonconsecutively–in the warm-up) because my right shoulder gave out so completely that I thought I’d injured it. Since then I’ve been doing overhead presses with 12-kg kettlebells or 30-pound dumbbells to strengthen my shoulders, and they have really paid off. Last night’s push-presses only tired my shoulders a little and I didn’t have to drop down to a lighter weight. It was gratifying.
A few weeks ago I forgot to write it down, but I did a max front squat of 152 pounds (previous max 70 kilos, almost the same) and two reps of an overhead barbell press of 75 pounds (previous max was 35 kilos).