Alotta Tabata

Tabata workouts involve exercises you can do fast, and what you do is work 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, eight times, then switch to the next exercise and do the same. Record your low score for each exercise. That way you are wickedly forced to confront your collapse instead of crowing about your high score or your high totals.
I can’t resist recording all of my scores. My rationale is that I’ll be able to refer back and try for one more rep next time we do Tabata squats. I’ll be able to see that because I hit 17 or 16 in half of the rounds, I should be able to have 16 as my low score next time instead of 15.
Burpees were sort of an unusual choice for a Tabata workout because they’re not that fast of a drill. I’m glad I maintained the 6 reps I started out with throughout.
On the kettlebell swings, I used 16 kilos. I concentrated on actively pulling it down from the top position instead of just letting it fall. That extra work and speed, combined with the things we’d already done, really knocked me out and my low score of 10 degenerated a lot from my high score of 14.