Single-Kettlebell Complex = Total Body Beatdown

Last night we did a workout that I thought was going to take all night. The first ingredient was a single-kettlebell complex: one-arm swing, clean, front squat, repeat. Change hands as often as you want.
10 reps of the single-kettlebell complex
10 squat-jumps (unweighted)
10 rounds for time. Any time we do ten rounds of any workout, it’s daunting, but ten rounds of something strenuous with weight? Yikes. Oh, and this was after a few rounds of a good-mornings/back squats barbell complex at about 30 and 40 kilos.
I used a 16-kilo kettlebell and it took me 21:15. I was happy with sticking to the 16 when I could have switched down to the 12-kilo weight. But boy, was I tired. I’m just now starting to get sore. Sore in the hamstrings from the good-mornings, sore in the quads from the squat-jumps, sore in the upper back from the one-arm kettlebell swings, etc. I don’t mind. I love being able to do it.