Single Kettlebell Complex: the Sequel

I bought a 16-kilo kettlebell. When I saw that they were making them in red, I couldn’t resist.

Tonight after driving home from our weekend trip to the mountains, I felt lethargic from sitting in the car–and from overdoing it with a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, and a couple of brownies! (We were staying in a cabin with friends who are good cooks.)
I did the single-kettlebell workout from January 20 for the second time. Single-arm swing, clean, front squat for ten reps, then ten squat-jumps: do all that for ten rounds.
Last time: 21:15.
Tonight: 17:02.
Update after several uses: The red kettlebell is gorgeous, but its finish is so smooth that the handle gets hard to hold when wet. I’ve also found in using it for the snatch, when it shifts to rest on the back of the wrist, the peculiar smooth friction on the palm feels like it will produce a blister more quickly than the slightly rough black kettlebells would.

One thought on “Single Kettlebell Complex: the Sequel”

  1. LOVE the red KB! I’m planning on painting mine soon, but I don’t think they’ll look nearly as finished or great as yours. Congrats on time improvement!

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