Single Kettlebell Complex III

A coworker gave me a heart rate monitor. Today after work I did the kettlebell complex I love for the third time:
Single-arm swing, clean, front squat for ten reps, then ten squat-jumps: all that for ten rounds.
Today’s time: 17:05, including fiddling with the HR monitor when the kettlebell hit it and turned it off. Last time, on Feb. 25: 17:02.
My age-predicted max heart rate is 177 or 178 (I’m almost 43).
Today’s max heart rate: 176, in round 3 or 4. In later rounds it hovered between 169 and 172 most of the times I checked.
Average HR for 14:30 duration: 170.

One thought on “Single Kettlebell Complex III”

  1. Age-predicted just doesn’t seem to work for me. At 46 years of age, whatever number they want me to be at is a number I always exceed. Maybe as a general guideline for the deconditioned person, age-predicted works, but for the super fit like you — not so much!
    Keep up the great work!

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