I am a Pipsqueak

Last Friday we had a crazy outdoor workout involving the C2 rowers and running around with kettlebells, plus push-ups and kettlebell swings.
We had four people on a team. We took turns on the rower. While the person was rowing, the three other team members carried the three kettlebells about 50 meters, did 20 push-ups and 20 kettlebell swings, and carried them back. When all three came back, the next person got on the rower and everybody else did the kettlebell carry, swings, and push-ups. Oh man… I was so defeated! I got off the rower and one of the men on my team went running off carrying two kettlebells, so that I just had to run down to the end, not carry anything. Nice!
On the next trip, this same guy grabbed the 24-kilo kettlebell in one hand, the 16 in his other, and told me to hold the 12-kilo one in my left hand and help him carry the 24 with my right. And then he took off running! Wow! About 20 meters in, I had to gasp, “I can’t keep up with you!” and let go, and off he went with the 24 and the 16 by himself (that’s 88 pounds total) as fast as ever. I was so humbled! And the great thing is he’s not a young guy–he’s probably my age, wiry, not very large. Very cool! But boy did I feel like a wimp.