Skill levels testing

Last week, V-ups were tested. Level II requires 30 of them. Before I attempted the 30, we worked out, and the workout involved 100 hanging leg-raises… so forget the V-ups. I got 21.
This week it was kettlebell swings or snatches. For Level II requires 30 snatches each side, changing hands only once, with the 16 kilos for the women. Again, we worked out first, and again there were hanging leg-raises, as well as pull-ups in the warm-up. The problem this time was the grip and general overhead fatigue caused by those two exercises. I tried to suck it up and do the 30 snatches each side, but in my sense of impending failure I switched hands whenever I needed to. I achieved 60 reps total, but almost as soon as I was done I realized it hadn’t counted. Rats! I waited ten minutes and tried again, and got 20 per side. It is amazing how hard that gets, metabolically (that is, panting and gasping and sweating until you can’t see straight) and on the grip.