Single Kettlebell Complex 4: “Fran’s Fave”

Dave was away yesterday and today, so Sean and I led two CrossFit classes. It was fun! Last night we had only two people working out, and we re-used the workout Scott’s group had just done. After the workout, we helped them work on barbell cleans. I had helped teach the clean last Monday and taught it to my private client SJ on Thursday, so I was glad of the opportunity to teach it again and solidify it some more. I learned how to teach it from Mike Burgener so no surprise that people get it. Still it’s really gratifying. Sean and I stayed a while later to try out cleans on our own. We would add weight, back off again, try again. Eventually I got a full body-weight clean from the floor. I did two singles and was happy with that.
Last night before the gym I had been on my first visit to an active-release therapist, a kind of deep muscle massage, for my weak and achy right shoulder. I’m so glad it looks like this is going to help. He worked on me for five or ten minutes and then retested the strength in various directions, and it had already made a difference by freeing some adhered muscles in my back and others that attach to the scapula from the front. He worked on me some more and my shoulder feels better. I’m looking forward to going back on Tuesday, even though I got totally lost (on my scooter) on the way back from West Seattle and ended up scootering all the way to Tukwila. A guy in the gas station gave me directions and I found my way home eventually.
This morning Sean and I led the workout for 14 people. We had them practice the kettlebell one-arm swing and the kettlebell clean, then did my favorite workout:
10 kettlebell one-arm swing + clean + front squat (a complex)
10 air-squat-jumps
for 10 rounds.
Everybody focused and worked hard and took coaching tips well, so I couldn’t have had an easier time. It was really fun! Some of us worked on cleans for a little while after people caught their breath, and finally then Sean and I did the workout ourselves. This was my fastest time, 15:25. Previous times were 21:15, 17:02, and 17:05 (wearing a heart rate monitor that I had to adjust a few times during the workout). I’ve decided this workout needs a name–“Fran’s Fave.”