Gotta Tabata

Last night we did weighted pull-ups. I used the 12-kg weight and got 4 reps my first round, then did a few rounds of three reps. Then I did one very slow negative with 16 kilos–I had someone hook it over my foot after I pulled up, then I came down slowly and tried to pull back up again every so often. I’d gain about an inch and start down again.
Then we did Tabata squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and kettlebell swings (20 kg). My scores:
It doesn’t seem like all that much until you’re the one doing it.
After I rested a while, I decided to try some kettlebell presses. I’m working on presses regularly right now because now that my shoulder is so much better I want to make it as strong as I can. I’d been doing presses with 16 kilos for a while and last night I pressed the 18 for several singles. A couple of days ago I found I could press a 35-kilo barbell for at least two reps. I thought I could have done three but decided not to take a chance on failing at it. Failed presses feel terrible! My next short-term goal is to press a 40-kilo barbell.