That was fast

As a warm-up, we ran around the neighborhood, stopping for push-ups and squats and to carry each other a short distance uphill on our backs, and then did just a few track drills (high-step skipping and broad jumping).
The workout was single-kettlebell snatches and single-kettlebell front squats.
Organize yourselves in pairs. Men use a 24-kg kettlebell for the squats and a 16-kg for the snatches. Women use a 16 for the squats and a 12 for the snatches–I think. It was either that or women use a 12 for both. I used a 16 for both.
Partner 1 does 20 snatches while partner 2 does 20 front squats. Change hands on both whenever you want. When you’re both finished, switch. Partner 1 does 20 front squats and partner 2 does 20 snatches. Go through this five times.
There were a lot of pairs in the 5:00 class but Bruce and I finished well ahead of the rest in 10:42. We both pushed really hard and I felt fantastic–when we stopped! Even while doing 10 snatches per hand, I felt a sense of having the capacity to keep going even though I was gasping for breath and my legs were tired.
Twice recently I’ve challenged myself specifically to not stop during a workout. Maybe the capable feeling I had tonight was an early result of that. Not that I didn’t stop at all, but the stops were few and came near the end.
I was glad to feel so strong during the workout and so exhilarated afterward. During the day today I felt sluggish and not very tough.

Had to stop

Home workout today in the basement:
12 push-presses with 2 x 12 kg kettlebells
12 deadlifts with 1 24 kg kettlebell
x 6 rounds, then 1 set of 40 push-ups.
But no stopping to rest. If I stop to rest, I have to add two rounds.
I stopped to rest once per round of PPs starting in round 4. So I did eight rounds and the 40 push-ups. Time: 17:02.
The eight rounds took about 12:40 and the push-ups took the remaining four and a half minutes. (I did the first five, then did the rest in twos and singles!)

More training

100 kettlebell swings (16 kg)
40 dumbbell push-press (20 lbs X 2)
20 pull-ups
40 V-ups
40 push-ups
20 pull-ups
Row 1000 meters
Time: 19:50
After the workout I cleaned up, had a snack and then met a new kettlebell training client. He’s my third personal training client. It’s really fun to teach this stuff, especially to someone who is so enthusiastic about wanting to learn it. He owns three kettlebells that he just bought last week and wants to use them safely on his own.