That was fast

As a warm-up, we ran around the neighborhood, stopping for push-ups and squats and to carry each other a short distance uphill on our backs, and then did just a few track drills (high-step skipping and broad jumping).
The workout was single-kettlebell snatches and single-kettlebell front squats.
Organize yourselves in pairs. Men use a 24-kg kettlebell for the squats and a 16-kg for the snatches. Women use a 16 for the squats and a 12 for the snatches–I think. It was either that or women use a 12 for both. I used a 16 for both.
Partner 1 does 20 snatches while partner 2 does 20 front squats. Change hands on both whenever you want. When you’re both finished, switch. Partner 1 does 20 front squats and partner 2 does 20 snatches. Go through this five times.
There were a lot of pairs in the 5:00 class but Bruce and I finished well ahead of the rest in 10:42. We both pushed really hard and I felt fantastic–when we stopped! Even while doing 10 snatches per hand, I felt a sense of having the capacity to keep going even though I was gasping for breath and my legs were tired.
Twice recently I’ve challenged myself specifically to not stop during a workout. Maybe the capable feeling I had tonight was an early result of that. Not that I didn’t stop at all, but the stops were few and came near the end.
I was glad to feel so strong during the workout and so exhilarated afterward. During the day today I felt sluggish and not very tough.