A lot of everything

Tonight in Scott’s class, once through for time:
100 squats
80 kettlebell swings (24 kg)
60 V-ups
40 push-ups
40 pull-ups
My time: 16:53
It is hard doing all those pull-ups after all the other stuff–it’s hard because of the stabilization/torso muscles being tired, the shoulders being tired, even the legs being tired affects the kipping pull-up. All of these tired parts make the pull-ups also feel especially hard on the grip.

Reading material

We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year so I went looking for ideas. Then I noticed I had a funny assortment of reading material. I wonder how many people have both of these magazines on their dining room table.

Well, they do both have “Living” in the cover copy. Click the picture if you enjoy magazine covers as much as I do. I like seeing their different strategies to lure you inside.

Squats and presses

Five ladders to 3 reps:
Clean and 1 squat with 2 16-kg kettlebells
Clean and 1 press per side with 1 16-kg kettlebell
Clean and 2 squats
Clean and 2 presses per side
Clean and 3 squats
Clean and 3 presses per side
Five times though.
Rounds 1 through 3 went as planned.
Round 4: Failed on second press with right arm. Completed the rest of the presses in that ladder with 12 kg instead of 16.
Round 5: went back to all 16 kg but push-pressed instead of pressing.
My right shoulder/back/whatever does the pressing is still noticeably weaker than the left but it’s a lot stronger than it was in the summer.