A lot of everything

Tonight in Scott’s class, once through for time:
100 squats
80 kettlebell swings (24 kg)
60 V-ups
40 push-ups
40 pull-ups
My time: 16:53
It is hard doing all those pull-ups after all the other stuff–it’s hard because of the stabilization/torso muscles being tired, the shoulders being tired, even the legs being tired affects the kipping pull-up. All of these tired parts make the pull-ups also feel especially hard on the grip.

One thought on “A lot of everything”

  1. I just started Crossfit a week ago and can totally relate to your post. I tried crossfit.com’s filthy fifty on Sunday and had a really hard time finishing the last few exercises – nothing wanted to work anymore, but somehow I pushed through anyway. You’re inspiring!

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