Minute after minute of squats

After an extensive warm-up, including lightweight squats, we took turns doing back squats for two minutes to see how many we could do. We cycled through twice more for a minute each. We rested while others were using the same bar. I shared a bar with two other women so I had a good amount of rest. My reps at 40 kg:
2 minutes: 36
1 minute: 22
1 minute: 22
It was difficult. Whenever I do squats now, since reading the second edition of Starting Strength, I think of the author Mark Rippetoe’s description of his late teacher, who had cancer: “You have not witnessed determination until you have seen a man wearing an oxygen bottle do deep squats for sets of five across.” I love hearing about people who use their own desires and intentions to find out that something is possible that most people might not believe.
Tom and I, both having done that workout, went to bed very tired. Today we went to Scott’s Olympic weightlifting class. Luckily my program for today didn’t call for any type of squat until the last thing on my list. My O-lifting workout today involved cleans, military press, snatch pulls from blocks, and overhead squats (to 33 kg). Afterward, Tom stopped at the library and the bike shop on the way home, and I sat in the car. I felt too tired to stand up. Now I’ve had two naps this afternoon and am ready to go do something.
Also this morning I worked with a brand-new personal training client. She is young, flexible enough to squat well, has good movement patterns, and knows how to keep her back straight when exercising and lifting. But she was frustrated by being out of shape and seemed really down about it. I tried to convey to her how impressed I was with her completing the workout in spite of her frustration and with her potential for fast gains, given her innate advantages. From my perspective (at almost twice her age and having gone through an un-fit period myself) it would be a waste to stay unfit when getting strong would come so naturally. I hope she’ll decide to use her frustration to propel herself past this sticking point.