Half-bodyweight thrusters

Getting a new start on this blog, which contained about four years of workout-related writing before I wrecked it while upgrading Movable Type. I’ll work on the design gradually.

Last week we did two max sets of thrusters at half bodyweight. I used 30 kg and did 25 and 21 reps. It would require 45 reps at half bodyweight to achieve Level 2 in the athletic skill standards.

Another recent benchmark: I snatched a 24-kg kettlebell. I’d never had one overhead before a recent workout with Dave, where I push-pressed it. This gave me about half the nerve to snatch it. After a workout on a Friday night, a couple of guys and I were messing around with kettlebells and I mentioned I thought I might be able to snatch the 24. Keith said, “Do it!” He said if I snatched the 24, he’d snatch the 32. So we both did at least one on each side.

I’ve tried it a few times since then and succeeded on half the attempts. I only try it twice and dump it if I can’t lock it out at the top. Then I pick it up and push-press it instead.