Fingers crossed.

After a couple of weeks of trying, I finally got some clues today from tech support (paid) and a couple of forums (MT and Apple) and managed to customize the look of FitNotes. I still want to find out how to put pictures along one or both sides to liven it up. Pictures of people using some of the cool gym equipment, that is.

Since making my career change to CrossFit fitness trainer official a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had some fun personal training sessions and classes. The first night of the beginners’ kettlebell class went well, judging by everyone leaving all sweaty and smiling.

I also am phasing into teaching the weekly CrossFit class for the women who belong to the Team Survivor Northwest organization. TSNW provides a lot of activities for their members (women of a range of ages who have had cancer), and our fitness class is just one of them. The women love working out under Dave’s instruction and so far they seem to like me too. They are a hardworking, tough, fun group.