Kettlebell class

Last Thursday was our second class meeting of the 12 sessions. I have 11 people in the class and all but one are women. At least three class members have done some CrossFit. Our one male has been a CrossFitter for the better part of a year and he wanted to brush up his form on the kettlebell exercises. He gets just as good a workout as the beginners by using heavier kettlebells and moving faster.

Some of the women have said they took the class feeling skeptical that they’d be able to do the exercises. It shows nerve and motivation to show up feeling that way! I should ask them before I make this statement, but I think it’s fair to say that in two sessions they have already worked out harder than they thought they could, and learned some new exercises that they might have doubted they could do as beginners. Taking a class is great for both of those elements because (1) most people work harder while being instructed and watched than you might on your own, and (2) the exercises are not technically difficult when taught safely and clearly; what’s difficult is doing the workout that is put together with them.

Last Thursday the class finished the workout 15 minutes early, and instead of wanting to leave right away, people wanted to try out the pull-up bars and the rubberbands and rings that are attached to them. They learned how to do three kinds of assisted pull-ups: jumping pull-ups, rubberband pull-ups, and ring-rows. Would you like to learn these along with kettlebell exercises you can do on your own? Email me – fran at fitnotes . net