CrossFitters on Tour

I was doing my O-lifting workout by myself yesterday at about 3:15 when some guys walked into the gym. They were in town from Texas for a conference. Two of them, Josh and Michael, said they were CrossFitters from Dallas and had never been in a CrossFit gym before–they work out on their own in a mainstream gym. It was fun to see them so excited about being in the gym–“Wow! A real CrossFit gym! This is so great!” They had been working on their kipping pull-ups, so I was able to help a bit with that. The other guys, the non-CrossFitters, watched and critiqued their kips.

We had the very common conversation about why CrossFitters do kipping pull-ups instead of strict ones. My explanation, which I think they already knew but hadn’t had the opportunity to talk about with other people, was that kipping is both easier and harder than dead-hang because it requires so much more of the body. You can crank out more pull-ups faster because you’re generating more power, but you end up exhausted all over for the same reason! And that’s good. We want to work as many systems at one time as we can in the workouts.

I was so glad I was there when the guys came by because who knows if they would have had another chance to stop in.