Yesterday’s triple workout

I went to the gym in the afternoon yesterday to do my O-lifting workout, which involved cleans, snatch drops, snatch pulls from blocks, and overhead squats.

Then I worked with my client WS, trying out barbell squats and presses with him for the first time. He did great considering he’s older than most of my trainees have been and is still working on his squat in every sense. I use a 19-inch box as a depth gauge on his air squats and kettlebell goblet squats, so we used that for barbell back squatting as well. I got the bar as low as possible on his back, hoping to help keep him from tipping forward onto his toes as he descended. It took four sets with the 45-pound bar, but in the end he was getting down to the box on most reps. The press is easier for him because he has pretty good overhead shoulder flexibility. We didn’t have time to work on his deadlift.

I stuck around for Scott’s workout class because he had said we’d do some deadlifting, and I want to start working on mine since repeating my same max at the CrossFit Total last week. I worked up through six sets of five, to a broken set of five at 90 kg. Then we did a CrossFit workout that involved three rounds: run 400 meters, 50 air squats. My time was 10-minutes-something and I was tired! I was going to work out today but decided to rest. Did some light yard work instead–washing rocks for a fountain!