Seattle Metropolitan magazine mentions my kettlebell class

It’s in the March 2008 issue in a long feature about 50 fun ways to stay in shape. The reporter came in late January and spent a while with me to see what kettlebells were all about. Click on the inside page thumbnail to see what it says.

This issue came out about the same time I sent an email to my list of interested people to promote the second 6-week series, and it filled up within three days. Kettlebells are getting popular. Why learn them from me? I’ve been using them for several years, I’ve trained under three excellent kettlebell coaches, and I know how to keep safety in mind thanks to that and other training experience.

The current six-week class winds up this Thursday. At about session eight I started to see people’s abilities really taking off! It was cool. All of a sudden the hip power in the kettlebell swing appeared. Trainees’ work capacity had grown enough to power through a hard workout with few stops. The ability to stabilize the trunk and back with a weight in a lot of different positions has become solid. It’s fun and rewarding to introduce people to kettlebells and the skills that they require.