Definitely can’t believe everything you see on YouTube

I’ve been looking at deadlift videos. A lot of them show guys
lifting hundreds of pounds and saying they show “proper deadlift technique” or “how to deadlift.” But they show rounded backs in the starting position and most of the way up to lockout. Is this just because these are 1-rep max lifts? Not if they can’t even hold the back straight in the start position, while the bar is still on the floor. It would be easy to be misled by these guys if you were looking for good
technique without having a coach. It’s important to keep the back in extension, or at least “flat.”

Every deadlift video I found that showed the lifter’s back flat or extended from the ground up was from a CrossFitter, except on some very heavy 1-rep max lifts, but when their form isn’t ideal they don’t claim to be showing proper form–instead they state that they’re practicing, or that if their client rounded the back like this, they would stop them. Don’t deadlift with a rounded back or you’ll surely give weightlifting a bad name eventually.